Counselling – What Ensues When Women Cram Down Their Intolerable Feelings

There exists feelings that are regularly deemed as intolerable for individuals, a number of them based on type of gender, some founded on family conditioning. Some couples get into real trouble when they begin to analyse their mate without recognizing where they themselves are coming from.

The extremely familiar and distasteful feeling for women still remains, after all these years, anger. The ancient maxim regarding nice girls “not becoming angry” remains profoundly engrained in the psyche of millions of adult women.

The manifestation of angry feelings is not nearly as large of a difficulty for the typical male to reveal as it is for women. As a result of this situation, average males can many times do a far better job of expressing their angry feelings because they’re not scared of getting spurned for doing so.

Sadly, plenty of women won’t reveal their personal feelings of anger for fear of being seen in an adverse manner. As an alternative to sharing their angry feelings, they regularly aim to ignore them and in many cases, stuff them down. Bottling up angry feelings is one of the most devastating coping mechanisms known to humanity.

Intensive efforts to inhibit angry feelings expresses a message to the mind that it is incorrect to feel such things. When a person, a woman in this circumstance, bottles up her feelings of anger, they don’t go away but gestate and take on an existence of their own. If a woman has been even somewhat open with a close friend or counselor regarding her angry feelings, she is well aware of how intense they can feel.

For a woman who has not had much practice managing feelings of anger, she can become something of a ticking time bomb in her marriage relationship. Sound relationship counseling tactics can aid her to clearly understand the effect her bottled up anger is having upon her family and friends.

In order to obtain the confidence a woman must have to address her feelings of anger, she needs to remind herself that all feelings are in fact neutral. What this means is: there is no concrete merit conferred to any certain feeling, be it positive or bad. Countless folks have been conditioned with the flawed belief that various feelings are “acceptable” and some are “bad.”

Handling anger successfully entails practice, with the goal of expressing the anger without blasting other folks in the process. The very worst thing an angry individual can do is to shoot their mouth off and create more problems than they could ever hope to unravel by communicating their angry feelings in a critical manner. Never reprimand another person for what you’re feelings are; your views and feelings belong to you and no other person.