Dry Sauna – A Refreshing And Healthy Experience

Saunas may be divided into various types, according to the medium employed. There are the traditional saunas, that heat the surrounding air or infrared saunas that work by heating the nearby objects.

The dry sauna is a feeling of dry heat sessions in which the person disrobes and sits in temperatures from 65C to 100C. This sort of sauna often results in pain relief and encourages sweating. The dry sauna basically is a combination of sweat and steam that are main objects in the use of the dry sauna. Sauna is essentially thought to having a bath as it is similar to the intention (of having a bath) for getting fresh.

After the sauna a person will be fresh and in a relaxed mode. Saunas are considered to be of Finnish origin (but Swedish people do lots of dry saunas too). It may be considered a form of steam bath. Generally, dry saunas are performed in a closed room so as to prevent cold air from coming inside and reducing the temperature.

Dry sauna kits will drain out the body of fluids, so it is necessary to refresh yourself with fruit juice and water to balance out the displaced fluids. Taking juices after the sauna causes you to feel refreshed. A dry sauna is supposed to be better than wet sauna particularly for those who want to lose weight or burn calories.

A wet sauna is good for people who like profuse sweating to clean the body/skin and remove toxins from the body. Dry saunas also have an extra benefit of washing off toxic metals in the body like lead, mercury and nickel and other metals.

An infrared dry sauna warms the body by heating the surrounding air to a moderate temperature so saunas can be done for longer periods. The benefits of using saunas are immense, which include better circulation, opening of clogged pores, and removal of toxins, fat reduction and feeling younger.