Why Fish Oil For Pregnant Women Is Absolutely Essential Today

There has been much in the press recently about fish oil for pregnant women, with recent evidence showing even more benefits to mother and baby than before. Here are some of them and details on how to select the very best and safest oil.

With our fresh fish intake severely limited due to the amount of toxins like mercury and arsenic, a daily omega-3 supplement is the best solution, and a high quality fish oil for pregnant women rich in DHA fats is the best, especially when it is estimated that over 85 % are deficient in it.

The two most important Omega-3 fatty acids are DHA and EPA, with DHA responsible for most of the amazing health benefits. These have been shown to greatly help with the development of the fetus, including brain health and proper functioning, improved eyesight and less chance of any behavioral problems.

In addition recent studies in England have shown a significant increase in hand-eye coordination too, with an improvement in comprehension and verbal skills with a daily DHA supplement, earning them the nickname smart capsules.

As well as being vital for the baby, mothers too will benefit from healthier pregnancies and birth weights with less chance of a premature birth. However, everybody can benefit from this super oil due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, such as preventing strokes and lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The European Union even recommends pregnant mothers take at least 200mg of DHA a day to help ensure correct fetal development!

The problem with most of the fish oil for pregnant women on the market today is that it has little DHA and a lot of the less useful EPA as it is cheaper to produce and many are not current on the latest research. Also ensure it has been molecularly distilled to remove all the impurities like mercury that can find their way into low quality supplements.

If the body requires more EPA then it can easily convert DHA into it, but not the other way round, part of the reason why DHA is so much more beneficial.

It is also important to avoid cod liver oil generally, but especially when pregnant as it contains high amounts of vitamin A which is very toxic at high levels.

With more recent studies showing promising signs of DHA omega-3 helping with Autism and ADHD, it shows we have much to learn still from this precious substance, and why fish oil for pregnant women is so essential for both mother and baby today.

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