Dating Beautiful Women – Approaching A Beautiful Girl

It’s very natural for a man to feel a bit of fear when they spot a really beautiful woman. Most men are pretty much conditioned to the fact that unless you are wealthy, well built, or a born natural, you are not going to stand a chance when it comes to attracting beautiful women. This is very limiting thinking, and you definitely want to SNAP out of it as soon as possible. There really are few limitations on the kinds of women that you can attract.

However, you do have to be able to muster up the courage and the confidence to approach a beautiful girl, if you want to be anything more than one of the many that just check her out from a distance.

Most guys are almost terrified to approach a beautiful woman.

They will come up with any excuse that they can to explain why they are not going to approach her.

Quite often, it all boils down to the fear of rejection or the feeling of being inadequate to attract the attention and the eye of a woman like that.

When you approach a beautiful girl, you should really have your mind set on treating her like any other woman that you would approach. Don’t go on and on in your mind about how gorgeous she is, how sexy she is, etc.

Focus on just getting some kind of interaction going to start things off.

Try to re-frame the situation in your mind and see that there really is nothing to fear at all.

Having this kind of mindset will definitely make an impression on her. See, a woman that is very attractive, she’s used to guys acting the same way. She gets the ones that literally shake in their boots when they talk to her, and she also gets the guys that think they are the smoothest mack on the planet.

When you can approach a beautiful woman, with calm and charisma and not try to come off like a player with women, she’s going to find you refreshing to say the least. A surprise. Something to get her mind going and make her take notice.

This is what will make a lasting impression on her and allow you to even get with her, even though she may be outside of your league.

The only limits to your success with women really are the ones that you place on yourself.

Copyright (c) 2009 C Tyler